Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that develops in the body when cells begin to grow out of control. There are mant types of cancer and they are commonly named after the part of the body they are found in. For example, cancer found in the lungs is called the lung cancer and cancer found in the bones is called as bone cancer starts in the breast. Cancer cells can also spread from where they started to different parts of the body and this is known as the metastasis. 

When cancer cells spread to distant parts of the body, the disease is called metastatic cancer. Sometimes cancer will not spread but will stay in the part of the body where it began. This is called local cancer. For example, some skin cancers are local.

This means that a tumor forms but the cancer cells do not spread. There are many cancer hospitals in every city that treats different types of cancer. For eg., a cancer hospital in Bangalore offers treatment to patients from Bangalore. 

There are many causes of cancer that are not specific but there has been a lot of speculation around the cell phones causing cancer. The debate on whether or not cell phones cause cancer has been going on for a long time. Some people believe that there is a direct link between using a cell phone and getting cancer. Others believe there is no link at all. This article will let you know more about it. 

The world is being taken by storm by the ever-present mobile phone. With the growing usage, concerns about the health effects of the devices have also grown. The most commonly discussed issues about cell phones are related to electromagnetic radiation and the increased rate of brain cancer risk.

Many people have speculated about the link between cell phones and cancer. The question has been around for so long that it’s an accepted part of life. It is one of the most popular health questions of our time. The answer is a bit complex. You see articles about it in the news and hear people talking about it. 

The question is whether or not this is true. The fact is that many studies have been done on this subject. Most of them have their special agenda and are not necessarily reliable. The studies show conflicting data and conclusions. 

Some studies say that cell phone use is not associated with any increase in cancer risk. Other studies say that there is a link. The truth is not known and there is a lot of speculation. The use of cell phones could potentially be linked to cancer. 


What does the Research Say?

Research has found that there is a link between cell phone usage and health problems, but whether or not it causes cancer is another story. The truth is that cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (RF EMR), and it is not entirely clear what the long-term health effects may be. 

Long-term studies are still being conducted, but until conclusive results are found, it is hard to say whether or not cell phones cause cancer. Cell phones emit a type of radiation called non-ionizing radiation. 

Ionizing radiation is the kind that can damage DNA, and therefore is believed to cause cancer. Non-ionizing radiation is not believed to cause cancer because the energy it emits is too low to damage DNA.


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