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Net Worth

Dr Nowzaradan net worth as of February 2024 is more than $6 million. Dr Nowzaradan net worth became wealthy due to his extremely prosperous surgical career. Because of the numerous customers he has operated on, Dr Nowzaradan net worth has grown. Dr Nowzaradan net worth decision to become a programme presenter was the cherry on top of his wealth. Dr Nowzaradan net worth gained a lot of popularity and wealth from this show. Without a doubt, Dr Nowzaradan net worth is an extremely accomplished surgeon. Though he has been involved in one issue in his life, his career has been impeccable. One may respect his dedication to changing the lives of millions of people.

Early Life

Doctor Nowzaradan was born on October 10, 1944. He is a national of the United States. He was given the birth name Younan Nowzaradan. He is a medical professional with training in surgery. He is an expert in both general and vascular surgery. He has more than 40 years of experience in this field. Iran was the country of his birth. In 1970, he attended the esteemed University of Tehran for his studies. He studied for a bachelor’s degree in surgery here.


Celebrated Name: Dr. Nowzaradan
Real Name: Younan Nowzaradn 
Age: 79 Years Old
Gender: Male 
Date of Birth: 11 October 1944 
Birth Place: Tehran, Iran 
Nationality: Iranian 
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Marital Status: Married 
Height: 1.75 M
Weight: 82 Kg
Profession: Iranian-American surgeon, TV personality, and author
Net Worth in 2024: $6 Million 


Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Wife: Delores Nowzaradan 
Children: Jonathan Nowzaradan 

Personal Life

In 1975, he tied the knot. Were he to marry Delores Nowzaradan? His spouse worked as a secretary. She made the decision to give up her job once they were married in order to raise their kids. Their marriage did not last, and they were divorced in 2002. Their divorce’s reasons are still unclear as of right now. There were Jonathan Nowzaradan also allegations that their divorce was brought on by her demanding work schedule, her belief that her spouse was not providing her with adequate support, and her perception of unfair treatment.


Three kids were born to the couple. Their children’s details are still scarce. According to some reports, his son Jonathan Nowzaradan is the show’s producer. He is mentioned in the book “My 600-Lb Life.” The father and son’s collaboration to support others in collaborating is amazing. Additionally, his son has produced a variety of shows, such as Jonathan Nowzaradan Half Tonne Teen and Shipping Wars. Dr. Nowzaradan has more than thirty years of expertise as a surgeon. The surgeon’s career in the medical field has been incredibly successful. Jonathan Nowzaradan been successful in building a brand for himself. He has become one of the greatest in the business because to his exceptional abilities. He is one of the best surgeons in the entire globe.

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His concert has been able to draw large crowds of people. The popularity of the show “My 600-lb Life” is quite great and dr now diet plan. In addition to making him a household name, dr now diet plan this show has brought him enormous fortune. He was once sued for malpractice. He allegedly left a piece of tubing inside of her, according to the woman who sued her. In the medical field, dr now diet plan has enjoyed great success throughout his career. Because of his dr now diet plan abilities, he has performed many happy procedures on his patients. The substantial medical research conducted by dr now diet plan is something that deserves recognition. He works with his clients to create a delicious dinner.


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