How do Beginners Can Add Music To Video

For beginners, video editing is often difficult to understand. For those attempting to learn, it is a time-consuming process as well. So in this article, we attempt to list some of the video editing basics that any beginner can grasp easily and can apply. Moreover, these video editing tips do not require any extensive software and can work with simple tools that are available for free.


Tips for Video Editing for Beginners:

1- Creating Story in the Video:

The number one tip that enhances the quality of the video is to edit it as a story. The editor must create a video as a story that catches the attention and the audience can relate to it –  or escape through it. This usually involves giving the video an introduction, climax, and a fateful ending. So the first tip is to start editing the video with a story in mind.

2- Choosing the Music for the Video:

Music plays an important part in making the video right. Yes, the music can make the video click in the audience’s minds, and it can make them stick to it for a long time. The reason behind it is the emotional play of the human mind that rhymes with the tune of the music. So if you want to make your videos cross people’s hearts, you will have to add quality music – the one that matches the theme.

So for beginners, selecting the music and adding it to the video can be a daunting task. We understand this concern and recommend a tool that can make it a piece of cake. We personally used this tool for quite some time, and find it shareable with you. The tool is “Add Music to Video” and it is available on both Android and IOs platforms for free.

3- Selecting the Right Format:

The next tip is to select the right format for the video. This involves editing the video graphics, using different templates, and cutting out pieces that are unnecessary. Furthermore, you can select different filters and effects in the video that enhance the users’ experience while they watch the video. You can take the samples from Add Music to Video & Editor. But there are also many online tools and applications like Canva and others that provide this.

4- Sharing the Video in the Right Manner: 

The fourth tip that may not come in video editing, is that it serves a great purpose for those who are into content production. The tip is to share the video on those Facebook pages, Instagram ids, or group chats that actually share the same taste that the video contains. What happens usually is people share the video unnecessarily and in groups that are not related to the video. Therefore, the effort on video is wasted. So make sure that the video you share, should be only in those groups that share the same taste.

5- Rechecking before Uploading:

The last but not the least tip is to always check what you have produced. This tip is nonetheless the crucial tip that most beginners lack. So you must develop this habit that whatever you have produced in the form of video, you have to recheck it before you upload it


We have attempted to share with you tips that are not easily found elsewhere. But they are effective in making the videos stand out from the rest. Moreover, the music video editing tips are for beginners and these are carved out through a scrutiny of works produced by beginners. So we expect these to be of help to you.

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