How to Wear Your Diamonds Jewelry in Various Ways

Engagement or wedding, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the glittering eyes of your loved one with happiness while presented with diamond jewelry. While it’s easy to state that diamonds last forever, choosing the appropriate jewelry for your loved ones may not be that effortless.

Here, we’ve discussed the briefs on how to choose the best ‘forever jewelry’ for your ever-loving one.

How to Wear Diamond Necklace

Diamond jewelry, with its exquisite chains and fine centerpiece, emanates bold statements on its own. Diamonds are alluring in themselves. You need not pair them with extravagant designer necklaces to bring out their aesthetics.

While wearing a diamond necklace, the best way to drive the attention of your admirers towards the diamond is to wear clothes that work as a backdrop for the necklace or the pendant. Simple blacks or monochromatic fabrics work pretty well with diamond jewelry.

Keep your eyes open on the neckline while wearing a diamond necklace. Something too complicated can minimize the effects of the diamond. Scoop-neck dresses, V-neck dresses, and off-shoulder dresses are advised to make the limelights fall on the necklace.

How to Choose Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings can perfectly enhance any outfit. Styling with stud earrings that start with a huge diamond and gradually go smaller through the top is absolutely timeless. Stud earrings are very common in diamond jewelry and can be paired with any simple outfit. Stud earrings can also be designed by separating the studs further like in smart gardens.

Huggie earrings are small hoops that hold either a huge diamond or are distributed throughout the loop. The huggie earrings aren’t as alluring as the stud earrings, but their charm is in their subtleness. They sit close to your earlobes and offer a more subtle elegance.

A way to raise the magnificence of your diamond earrings is with colored gems. A shiny white piece of diamond sitting in the center of colored gems attracts the eyes for all the right reasons. If you are being creative, try designing colored gem earrings with diamond hoops and studs.

How to Choose Diamond Rings

Diamond rings come in many sizes and shapes. From solitaire engagement rings to pave, the options run wide and wild. And the best part, a diamond ring is elegant and timeless. If you are looking for your fiance to wear something that never goes out of style, diamond rings are for you.

Solitaire rings are simple yet elegant. They don’t feature any channel-set diamonds. The diamond cuts get all the attention that it deserves. These are also the most affordable choices. You can save on the rings to spend more on the diamond itself.

Halo engagement rings typically cost more than solitaire rings due to the small diamonds surrounding the large centerpiece. The micro pieces draw the viewer’s attention to the large diamond, making it seem bigger than it really is.

Pave engagement rings are extensions of halo rings. While the halo rings cover only the top, these rings pave the ring shanks. This arrangement enhances the centerpiece and gives the ring an elegant, timeless appearance.

How to Choose Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are elegant yet timeless. Bracelets are quite flexible in terms of styling and go fluently with anything and everything. Like diamond rings, diamond bracelets can also be quite versatile in their styling.

Rose gold, yellow, or white bracelets enhance the stringing qualities of the diamond. Paved diamonds with a rose-gold texture pull out a sunshine glow to the bracelet and outfits that allure your admirers.

Stacking up bracelets can also do wonders for your style. Two or more bracelets with the same texture and different tones can complement your skin tone quite beautifully. If you are feeling creative, matching up the bracelet tone with colored gems with diamonds can also be very effective.

How to Choose Diamonds That Look Bigger

We understand that not everyone has a budget that can buy the biggest diamonds. Even if you do, making it look bigger shouldn’t harm. It also comes down to the preference of each individual. While some want a subtle diamond ring, some are more inclined to flaunt a sizable one.

The critical thing when it comes down to size is the carat. The more carats a diamond has, the bigger it goes. But, that isn’t the only objective you should hold on to. Prioritize the cut before the weight. A well-cut diamond has more shine to it. Since the diamond is shinier, the piece appears bigger than it is.

Despite the weight being a major factor. A poorly cut diamond can ruin your experience. A bigger diamond with a poor cut grade can also appear smaller. Thus, while a higher cut grade makes the diamond appear larger, a low-grade cut can eliminate all the pricy carat weight.

While we’re on the cut, let’s discuss the shapes. A diamond can be cut in many different shapes like oval, pear, princess, round, and so forth. While some cuts concentrate the mass on the center, some are known to look larger from the top. Choosing your shape wisely can make your diamond look bigger than it is. Marquise and pear-shaped diamonds look the largest.

Don’t fall for the round diamonds. They are typically the most expensive ones out there and also appear smaller than their counterparts. As a redundant amount of raw diamonds are wasted during the cut of round-shaped diamonds, they are the costliest of the bunch.

If your objective is to get the biggest diamond that your budget allows, consider getting lower on the clarity and color. Sacrificing a bit of clarity and choosing a different color can allow you to go for higher carat weight and also a great cut.

As discussed before, halo engagement rings can also make your centerpiece appear bigger. If you already have a diamond ring, you can exchange the diamond to design a halo ring that surrounds the piece with micro diamonds to optically extend the drama and size.

Another way to effectively increase your diamond size, choose slimmer jewelry. A slim bezel surrounding the diamond will make your diamond appear bigger to the naked eyes. A slim setting, especially made with platinum or 18K white gold, can magnify your experience manifolds.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, we’ve made you understand how to wear diamond jewelry and how you can be on top of your choices with the detailed guidelines. Make sure that you understand how carat weight affects the size and how different settings can make the diamond more pleasing. Finally, it’s up to you to choose the right one for your loved one.

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