Masculine Brands

Finding the right scent for each individual man has never been easy. It has to do with your style, specific vibe, and personality. Here, we hope to make the decision fast, repeatable, and perfectly suited to your needs. We offer over 100 different brands for men—but here are just a few favorites.

How Creed Started

In 1760, James Henry Creed founded the company that would go on to create the king of all perfume brands. The brand Creed boasts unique fragrances that cater not only to the needs of the customer but the needs of several famous names as well. Since its creation over 200 years ago, Creed has sought to give its clients a veritable bounty of perfumes—the kind no one, not even a celebrity, can turn down.

While the company’s home is now in France, Creed is stationed throughout the U.S. and several other countries. It is a family company dedicated to creating masculine fragrances preferred by the elite in entertainment. Robert Redford, George Clooney, and even Prince Charles have been known to choose Creed’s perfume out of dozens of other candidates!

Giorgio Armani is no secret to the statements it can make a man’s cologne. Armani’s quality, both in fashion and in fragrance, has never wavered since the brand’s debut in the 1970s. Armani has always been a trailblazer, which shows in every branch of his work! Armani’s creations have been tried and tested by multiple celebrities in the past, too—Clive Owen, Dennis Hopper, and David Beckham, just to name a few. Here, his fragrances are varied and ever-inspiring, ensuring a perfume for everyone.

The Library of Fragrance is one of our most stylish European brands. Over 300 fragrances can be found under their banner, with comfort being their guide. Even better, every batch of perfume they create is by hand and easy to access for everyday use! So from aloe vera to vanilla cake batter, there’s no chance you won’t discover the right scent for you.

Top Picks for Men

In the fragrance field, Creed continues to be our top champion. Creed aftershave and Creed soaps leave little to be desired!

With Creed Aventus, fruit is no longer just synonymous with femininity. Made with hints of birch, moss, pineapple, black currant, and jasmine, Creed Aventus is the perfect fragrance for men who like to look on the brighter side of life, calling on optimism for strength. It’s a play on the chypre concept of perfumes, which has been primarily citrus-themed in the past. Creed Aventus has notes of warmth as well as courage in its scents, being inspired by the life of Napoleon himself!

Besides Creed Aventus, a few other Creed must-haves include Viking, which evokes a woody atmosphere with its sandalwood and peppermint notes, and Bois Du Portugal, which is inspired by a sense of mystery and the briskness of autumn. As you can see, Creed aftershave never fails to please.

Armani’s brand is not without its own unique choices. Eau de Cèdre is a crowd-pleaser, sensual, and charismatic with notes of lemon and sage. We’re also big fans of Eau Pour Homme, which is citrusy, elegant, and just a bit wintry with whiffs of nutmeg and clove. Armani’s elegance shines through in every flavor.

Whatever your preference, our aim is to go above and beyond in finding the perfume that flawlessly complements your unique masculinity.

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