Techniques to Gain Confidence for an Interview

To have confidence is a primary requirement when you are appearing for an interview. Everybody seeks to be confident in an interview. But it takes a lot of prep to become perfectly confident. And preps are not done overnight. Start preparations before the 7 to 15 days of interview to see significant results. But why is it important? Confidence can boost you up with energy and lead you to a successful interview. Now there are various ways of gaining confidence. Start with trusting yourself, trusting yourself is critical but convince the interviewer that you are best for this job.

Confidence lets you speak concisely, and you are able to explain yourself better. The people who are able to communicate well are efficiently able to explain what they want and what their expectations are from the job. Rushing with words will confuse both you and the interviewer, and hence you will be unable to express your point well. Therefore, it is highly important to be confident in an interview because confidence can make or break your interview.

To dos to look confident

Can You Have Too Much Self-Confidence?

  1. Take a sound sleep– before the interview day don’t just rush with preparations and spend all night in preparation. Take a sound sleep for significant hours, this will calm your nerves and you will look fresh in the interview. Your anxiety regarding the interview will be in control. Avoid intake of caffeine and alcohol and eat a light meal. Meditate before going to bed and after waking up in the morning. If you are having an addiction to alcohol you should come and see a therapist.
  2. Prepare yourself– Begin with the prior preparation. Make an estimation of what questions can be asked. Go through your job profile you applied for, most of the questions are framed from it. Have a good knowledge of the job and the responsibilities you need to fulfill. The more research about the subject will make you confident.
  3. Always be on time– when appearing for an interview make sure to be on time. It is better if you reach it before time, this shows that you sincerely want this job. Being punctual on professional grounds is a good work ethic. Moreover, when you are on time, you don’t rush. Staying calm and composed will not shatter your confidence.
  4. Dress yourself– your attire is a part of your personality. Walk in an interview in a formal dress. Wear clean and well-ironed clothes, and keep your shoes shining. When you are properly dressed it creates a good impression of you in the eyes of the interviewer and you feel confidence from the inside when you look presentable.
  5. Greet after getting in– always greet the panel of interviewers with salutation. Start with words like good morning or good evening. Do not just go and sit on the chair. Start with polite greetings. Greeting can also be given through handshakes, making eye contact and initiating a hand shake. This makes you look humble and considerate.
  6. Sit straight– When giving an interview make your posture and sit. Don’t lay down on the table. Keep your hands properly and sit with broad shoulders. Body language is the way of reflecting your personality. This reflects that you are confident and are ready to answer any question.
  7. Make eye contact– look in the eyes of the interviewer and answer confidently. Never look down while answering any questions. If you are not ready for a certain question, answer politely and accept that you don’t know the answer. Looking everywhere else will leave a bad impression of you. You may look underconfident about the answers you are providing.
  8. Be honest with your answers- whatever the questions are, be honest with your answers. If you don’t know much about the questions, say it politely and own up. People make mistakes such as giving irrelevant answers that look absurd. Accept and move on, give your every answer with honesty it reflects in your personality.
  9. Remember your strengths– Your strengths are your true mates in an interview. The interviewer wants to know the value you will bring to the company. So, make a note of your strengths to give impactful answers. Try to make a link between your skills and the job profile, your skills must be relevant to the job. Make sure that your skills will add feathers to this position. You can understand more about this on https://prepmycareer.com/describe-your-working-relationship/.
  10. Keep clarity– be clear with your words, do not rush in order to explain yourself. Think for a minute before answering every question. Rushing with words will make you and the interviewer unclear. In order to explain yourself better, use proficient vocabulary, this will catch the attention of the interview.
  11. Improvise– always try to improvise with your answers. Do not give the same references for different sets of questions. Keep changing the narrative of the story. Remembering your past experiences will make you improvise. The interview will show that you have been through many situations and have relevant techniques to tackle them.
  12. Be honest with your answers- whatever the questions are, be honest with your answers. If you don’t know much about the questions, say it politely and own up. People make mistakes such as giving irrelevant answers that look absurd. Accept and move on, give your every answer with honesty it reflects in your personality.
  13. Interview your interviewer- interview is not one sided it is a two-sided conversation. Your will is as important as the company’s will. Therefore, take every detail of the job and find out whether you can fit into it. This will make you an active part of the interview process. Changing the dynamics will make you look confident.
  14. Conclude with greetings– ending is as important as starting. Your interview is over. Do not think about how it went. Until and unless you are inside the door of the interview room. No matter how the interview went, it always ends on a good note. Say words like thank you for reviewing my resume. Such phrases show your respect for the panel and for the job you are seeking.


The summary of the discussion is to ace your interview you need to build a confident profile of yourself not just on your resume but let it reflect as an inherent part of your personality. Bring out your strengths in your personality. Be well-versed with vocabulary. As an interview is a conversation, only let the conversation happen effortlessly and try to leave an impact with your words. Your confidence is the best attire you carry.


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