5 Safety Tips To Follow When Employing Household Staff

Domestic staff are a welcome addition to the home as they can enhance the organization of your home. This is true especially for working-class persons or parents with hectic schedules. Hence, there is an increase in the demand for additional hands to run home affairs by household staff. The process of employing household staff can be grueling.

This article discusses five safety tips to take into account if you are looking to hire the services of a household staff.


The significance of a background check cannot be overstated, and as such, should be the first thing you do when looking to hire a domestic staff. It is critical because these individuals will have access to your homes, whether they are live-in help or shuttle to your house.

Conduct background checks using one or a combination of the following: discreet evaluations from former coworkers, friends, and relatives. Also, trustworthy references from previous employers; criminal record checks at local or national databases. Lastly, age appropriateness especially for countries with age limits on certain types of employment.

Check for references

To ensure that a candidate is being truthful about the places they claim to have worked and experience they claim to have, ask for and speak with referrals. This is so that you can obtain first-hand accounts of their work ethics. Although lying on a CV is extremely rare, it cannot be completely ruled out. Especially in this day and age of technological advancement, anything can be faked online.

Also, with the rise in impersonation, anyone can assume a false identity, and as such, it is especially important to confirm identity from references when meeting someone for the first time.

Health check

This involves carrying out all blood-related tests such as HIV, hepatitis A and B, and diseases that could be transmitted through bodily fluids contact. This is pertinent, most especially for parents with children, as children are particularly vulnerable in terms of health, and any preventable health risk should be avoided.

Check for Integrity

It is important to choose a staff with integrity since they are going to have access to your home and kids. This is crucial because children tend to pick up habits from people around them. As a result, you don’t want someone who will break your rules and pass on negative influences to your children.

Checking for integrity also breeds trust and a healthy work environment for you and your domestic employee. Since you wouldn’t have to speculate about their motivations behind anything they say or do.

Use a reputable recruitment company

Using a renowned recruitment agency that provides household staff reduces the chance of working with con artists and unskilled personnel. As most businesses are reputation and customer relationship-focused, they take a lot of time to ensure that their staff members are well-documented. You can find experts ​​on householdstaff.jobs

Additionally, this gives you the assurance that someone is responsible, especially in the event of unforeseeable events like theft.

In conclusion, while applying all the tips suggested above, you also want to make sure that all interviews are conducted in person and with a third-party presence for security purposes.

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