Top 18 Hottest Female Demon Slayer Characters


Nakime is pale, has waist-length, dark brown, lustrous hair, and her bangs are constantly all-black. She also has pale skin. She is a stunning showgirl, but because of her husband’s gambling, she loses her costume and eventually turns into a female Demon Slayer.


Average in height, Makio can ensnare anyone with his ethereal body position. Her googly eyes are the definition of perfection despite her pale skin. She had yellowish hair that fell to her shoulders and was pulled back.

Spider Demon (Mother)

The rich, velvety skin of the spider demon echoes wonderfully in the moonlight. Her scarlet facial tattoos and turquoise eyelashes are the star of the show. Not to mention, she has two different hair parts that cause her long hair to stand up in stands. Now she’s called female demon Slayer.

Kamado Kie

Kamado Kie might not seem flamboyant when asked, but she is absolutely stunning. Her baby blue eyes twinkle blazingly now and then. Her skin tone is lighter, and so is her complexion. She also has black hair, which is typically pulled back into a bun. 


Makomo was formerly an admirer of Sakonji. She picks things up really quickly, therefore it makes sense that she’s one of the youngest demon slayers. She has cyan eyes and pale skin in any case. She consistently dons gorgeous, adorable outfits.

Ubuyashiki Amane

Despite Amane’s odd personality, her non-slouching body posture is unaffected. Amane has violet eyes and skin that is just beginning to flush. She also makes sure her hair is pulled back into a ponytail and cascades down. She like donning pink kimonos as well.


Suma has attractive body language and wide eyes that can capture the hearts of millions. Her strong aura properly complements her blue eyes. Additionally, her black hair has a beautiful curl that reaches his shoulders. Suma also like wearing necklaces and other jewellery.


Hinatsuru is renowned for having a composed and understanding demeanour. With her appearance, this twin exudes a warm welcome. She is intense looking, with a slim build, brown eyes, and black hair. Hinatsuru also enjoys wearing her hair in a ponytail. She looks stunning in it.

Ruka Rengok

Ruka is somewhat unusual in nature, but she is also kind and submissive. Her white pupil, dilated or immersed beneath those intense crimson eyes, is what distinguishes her. In addition, her fair skin and fair hair complement her red eyes and pointed nose posture to breathtaking effect. In general, she is also called female demon slayer.


Tamayo is a doctor in action, and her devoted nature says volumes about her image in the manga and television series. She has thick, dark brown hair that is nicely braided down to a single point of contact. Additionally, she is a fantastic contender to win hearts thanks to her beautiful red lips.

Kanae Kocho 

The final flower hashira before the current story was Kanae Kocho. However, it is fascinating to see how she is foreseen in the anime and manga. She is tall and has ebony black hair, for instance. Her beautiful violet eyes are really captivating, which is another plus. Not to mention, she adores adorning her hair with butterfly catchers.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri is endowed with lilac eyes, which briefly reverberate when she casts glints at her adversaries. She also enjoys wearing her hair in a lovely and adorable ponytail. Don’t be fooled by her attractiveness, though; despite being attractive, she is one of the show’s most lethal female demon slayer.


Daki, one of the series’ most infamous villains, is a member of the Twelve KIziki. Daki has fair complexion, which, for what it’s worth, goes well with her bright green hair. She also constantly makes sure that her hair is pulled back into a pony, giving her a sensual appearance. Her grin is very extraordinary.

Shinobu Kocho

She’s a really great person, judging by the way she acts. She was younger and had experienced a lot, including the murder of her parents, but she still managed to be stunning. She has eyes that are purple in colour and a rather pale complexion. Her hair also matches the colour of her eyes, especially the strands that fall to her shoulders.


Muzan can change into several genders and identities, making his lady form quite alluring. The one that stands out the most among them is when he transforms into a woman since he is typically portrayed as hotter and more vivid. Additionally, his feminine version features vivid red eyes and black hair that remarkably complement each other.

Kotoha Hashibira 

Kotoha is a modest woman who doesn’t indulge in many luxuries. However, many guys are drawn to her simpler atmosphere. Her huge, sparkling green eyes nicely complement her gorgeous, luxuriant black hair. Apart from that, she has a sweet grin.

Mitsuri Kanroji

She is deadly and driven solely by the desire to kill. It makes sense why she is a female demon slayer with minimal or no emotions. She is also in love with Hashira, which is unexpected given who she is. She is, however, endowed with a respectable height and pinkish-green, velvety hair that falls to her arms. She also has enticing pale green eyes that have the power to seduce everyone.

Nezuko Kamado

One of the best and fiercest female demon slayer in the series is Nezuko Kamado. She has a committed vibe in addition to being lovely. She also has pink painted stiletto nails and fair skin. Her entire appearance seems ethereal and surreal because even her eyes are pink. Not to mention that her hair falls to her arms at a respectable length.


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