How to Flight to Delhi from Melbourne

India is a country rich in culture, history, and delicious food. It offers many places to visit, including the vibrant city of Delhi. You might be wondering, “Is Delhi different from New Delhi?” Here’s a simple explanation: Delhi is a larger city and a union territory, while New Delhi is India’s central district and capital.

Delhi, the largest city in India, is a great option for your first visit to the country. It has numerous exciting and historical places to explore. Your journey can start with a visit to Lal Qila, also known as the Red Fort. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a magnificent red sandstone fort that provides fascinating insights into the history of Delhi.

It’s no wonder India has become a popular destination for tourists, including those from Australia. Can’t wait to start your journey? Here’s an explanation about the flight to Delhi from Melbourne!

Flight to Delhi from Melbourne

Flying from Delhi to Melbourne is an exciting experience that offers the opportunity to explore one of the biggest cities in India. Several airlines can take you to Delhi. With Traveloka, you can choose to start your journey with a direct flight airline or a transit airline.

1. Airlines Option to Delhi from Melbourne

If you have a plan to come to Delhi from Melbourne, there are some airline options you can choose. Some include Cathay Pacific, Vietnam Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Thai Airways, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Ethan, Qatar Airways, and Japan Airlines. 

2. The Duration of Flight to Delhi from Melbourne

As mentioned before, you can choose a direct flight from Melbourne or a layover flight that stops at other airports. Direct flights provide a quick and non-stop journey to Delhi. 

The flight from Melbourne to Delhi is approximately 12 hours and 55 minutes, depending on weather conditions and your chosen airline. Air India and Qantas offer direct flights to Delhi. Ticket prices for direct flights start from AUD 1.348.

Alternatively, you can start your trip with a layover flight. With a layover flight, you will stop at another airport and wait for another flight to take you to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. However, remember that this option will have a longer flight duration than a direct flight.

For example, if you choose to fly with Singapore Airlines, your total flight duration will be 15 hours, including a 1-hour stop at Changi in Singapore. Another option is to use Sri Lankan Airlines, which will result in a total flight duration of 16 hours, including a 2-hour stop at Bandaranaike International in Colombo. 

Flight duration can change anytime, depending on airlines and weather conditions. What about the ticket prices? The prices for layover tickets are more affordable than direct flights. For layover flights, ticket prices start from AUD 635.

3. Visa Requirements to Delhi from Melbourne

A trip to India will be exciting for your holiday! However, before you go to the airport, remember to take care of any flight requirements, such as your passport and visa. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from arrival. 

Regardless of their trip’s purpose, Australian citizens who want to visit India must have an Indian Visa. You can easily apply for an eVisa India online, saving you time. There are three types of e-Visa to choose from: Tourist e-Visa for India, with validities of 1 month, 1 year, or 5 years; Business e-Visa for India, valid for 12 months; and Medical e-Visa, which can also be applied online.

4. Best Time to Visit Delhi

India experiences unique seasons with a generally sunny climate. The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March, during winter. This period is favorable for travel as it is still warm but not as hot as in other months. You can enjoy the city of Delhi without feeling excessively dehydrated or experiencing extreme heat.

Book Your Flight to Delhi from Melbourne with Traveloka!

Delhi, one of the biggest cities in India, is the best destination for a holiday in India. It is recommended to visit during the winter season when you can explore numerous historical and cultural sites and indulge in the delicious taste of Indian cuisine. Book your flight to Delhi now with Traveloka!

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