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In the field of tool and machinery distribution, Tegs Tools & Machinery is a name that is synonymous with quality. Tegs Tools has made a name for itself as a dependable partner for professionals and enthusiasts in need of dependable tools and equipment. It is well-known for its dedication to providing high-quality goods and outstanding customer service. We shall examine Tegs Tools & Machinery’s history, product line, and steadfast dedication to quality in more detail in this post.

A Journey Through History 

The story of Tegs Tools & Machinery is one of dedication and passion for the tool business. Ted Keates, who is kindly called “Ted” by both clients and employees, founded the business in the late 1970s. Thanks to Ted’s constant commitment to providing high-quality tools to those in need, the organisation has developed significantly from its humble beginnings in a garage.

Products and Services

Tegs Tools & Machinery has established a strong reputation for providing a broad range of goods and services to a varied customer base. The company’s vast product catalogue, which includes the following items, demonstrates its dedication to providing the best equipment and tools for a range of applications:

Hand Tools: Tegs Tools provides a wide range of hand tools, including pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers. Both pros and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will find these items useful.

Power Tools: Drills, saws, sanders, and other power tools are among the many options offered by the organisation. These instruments are well-known for their performance and longevity, and they come from reliable manufacturers.

Machinery: Tegs Tools & Machinery provides a wide selection of industrial machinery, including material handling equipment, metalworking machines, and woodworking machines. These devices are necessary for many different kinds of industries and trades.

Safety Equipment: Tegs Tools prioritises worker and hobbyist safety and provides a comprehensive selection of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Commitment to Excellence

Tegs Tools & Machinery has been successful for a long time because of its unrelenting dedication to quality. This dedication is demonstrated by a number of fundamental ideas:

  • Product Quality: Tegs Tools has a reputation for finding and providing premium products from reliable producers. This guarantees that clients obtain dependable equipment and tools that satisfy their requirements and expectations.
  • Customer service: The business takes great satisfaction in providing outstanding customer service. Throughout the buying process, the informed and welcoming team is always available to help, offering professional guidance, product recommendations, and support.
  • Competitive Pricing: Tegs Tools works to keep its product prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality. This enables both experts and enthusiasts to purchase their items.
  • Community Involvement: Tegs Tools actively supports a range of local activities and programmes in its community. This indicates a dedication to being a trustworthy provider as well as a conscientious business citizen.


Tegs products & Machinery has solidified its standing as a reliable source for people and companies looking for top-notch products and equipment. The company’s success and solid reputation in the sector may be attributed to its devotion to quality, wide choice of products, competitive pricing, and community involvement.

Tegs Tools & Machinery is the dependable partner that offers the tools and equipment you need to finish the project correctly, regardless of your level of experience. Whether you are an enthusiastic do-it-yourself hobbyist or a professional tradesperson. The company’s history is proof of the revolutionary effect of a commitment to offering top-notch goods and first-rate customer support in the tool and machinery industry.


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